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Thanks for dropping by. I'm Matthew, I'm a research oftware engineer, physicist graduate, dreamer and optimist; sometimes I'm a writer, occasionally a musician, and infrequently an artist, but usually I'm a geek. One day I may be a martian. More about me here.


Feel free to explore the site. It's a collection of things I like and software I've created. It's also a testbed for various ideas, and it's not always meant to be taken seriously! Enjoy.

My current favourite thing in the whole world is: Researching. (It used to be: Autumn Colours, Red Dwarf X, Gamma Rays Bursts, PotterMore, US SE Road Trip, US SW Road trip, 10:10:10, Star Trek, Spacetime, Programming with Python, Proton smashing super experiments, and Long nights and dark skies.)